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Entry #4

I'm gonna take some requests!

2015-02-22 21:05:34 by HunyBear

This is what im drawing now!

-If u want me to draw  you something become a fan and ask in the coments!-



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2015-02-23 00:06:22

Can you draw an owl or a chicken? those are my faves. :-3

or whatever, I'm open to anything!

I'm also a pokemon and super mario fan. :-D

I can't pay, but I can draw you something in return ;-)

HunyBear responds:

That's a lot of creative freedom your giving me! I'll draw u something pokemon ^_^


2015-02-23 22:28:15

that looks absolutely amazing!!! Love it!!

(Updated ) HunyBear responds:

I'm glad! I'll finish it maybe tomorrow.


2015-02-25 10:19:26

Really like your stuff! Would you be willing to something sort of medieval themed? Anything you want to do would be awesome! And like Jiovanni said, I can draw something in return if you want :)

HunyBear responds:

lol Draw me a pretty girl in SPACE!!! lol yeah I'll draw u something medieval ^_^


2015-06-14 14:30:21

Awesome job on the medieval girl! I know this is veeeeery late, but yeah. Awesome. I'll have to work on that pretty girl in space soon!


2016-02-23 22:48:40

I would like to request a full body picture (if possible) of Pokemon gym leader Erika as a voluptuous 19 year old young woman with DD-cup breasts and the same dress and hairband as in the anime

reference picture of Erika